Fruit Fusion Deep Conditioner Mask is a protein free powerhouse formula of antioxidants rich fruit extract blend that will help to protect your hair . It will instantly moisturize and smooth those frizzy hair strands. Created with both sealing and penetrating oils to provide the nutrients necessary to promote healthy hair and growth. Leaves your hair soft, moisturized, manageable and most of all healthy. GREAT FOR ALL HAIR TYPES. But works well for those curly girls with extremely dry , course, thick hair.


pH range: 4.5-5-5

Fruit Fusion Deep Conditioning Hair Mask 12oz jar

  • Direction for Use: Apply generously to clean, sectioned wet hair. Use wide tooth comb or fingers to gently detangle from end to roots. Leave in for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with cool water. Deep Condition Method: Cover with a plastic cap and apply moderate heat for 30-45 minutes using a hooded dryer or hair steamer. If using a hair steamer, no cap is necessary. Moist heat will enhance mask hydration effectiveness. Rinse with cool water. Style as desired.