Our Jamaica Me CUrly Foaming Stylign Mousse is infused with organic beet sugar and organic oils that absorbs into the hair shaft and provide great moisture retention to give your hair that radiant shine, softness, frizz-free, defined full body of hair you desire.

> Great for Wash-n-Go's
> Shine Enhancer
> Great Natural & Relaxed Hair
> Great for Roller Sets, Twist-outs and Flexi Rods
>Frizz Free Curls
pH: 4.5-5.0
Shelflife: 12 months

Jamaica Me Curly Foaming Styling Mousse 8 fl oz

    On clean damp hair apply your favorite cream  leave-in or oil prior to application. Apply a liberal amount of Jamaica Me Curly Foming Mousse to clean damp hair. Use your favorite curlers. Let fully air dry before removing or disturbing curls and follow-up our Coconut Hair Serum.