OK Ladies Get your CURLS in "FORMATION"

Are you tired of those dry two-strand twists, braids, bantu knots, or flat twists, then 4 Bella Naturale' Marshmallow & Ginger Twisting Souffle' is what you need.

Marshmallow and Ginger Twisting Souffle is formulated to give your curls that TLC it needs to be fabulous. It is specially formulated to reduce frizz, add curl definition, shine and smoothness to thick curly tresses. A balance of organic herbs, butters, oils, and extracts will restore and lock moisture, body, and shine to your curls for that healthy natural curl look. Great for two-strand twists, bantu knots, braids, coils, perm rods, and wash-n-go’s. 


pH range: 4.5-5.5

Marshmallow & Ginger Twisting Souffle

  • Directions for Use: Section hair. Apply to wet or damp detangled hair. Twist , braid or lock each section as desired. Air dry or use low heat setting on Blow dryer or Hooded dryer. To achieve maximum curl definition, Apply liberally and twist hair while soaking wet. To achieve elongation and fullness, apply ample amount to damp hair