Softens, Defines, Moisturizes, Frizz Control

Hey curly girl!!! Get life back into that curly tress. This light weight curl revitalizing spray will condition, moisturize the hair's surface, smooth and calm frizz resulting in renewed, nourished curls with the perfect amount of bounce and shine. Redefines natural curls without weighing them down leaving your curly tress soft and shiny. Great for wavy, curly, kinky and coarse hair types. Can be used with wash-n-go's, twist-outs, braids, and more. Oh and by the way, " IT SMELL GREAT TOO"

Raspberry Vanilla Curl Revitalizing Spray

SKU: CRS5683
  • Section your hair. Lightly mist your hair with water. Apply a quarter to half dollar amount evenly to each section from ends to roots. Finger curl or scrunch as needed. Air dry or use hair dryer with diffuser on low setting.